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There are many, many books available for adoptive parents, and it is hard to know how to spend your money. I will list only a few that I have personally found helpful in understanding some of the unique challenges of parenting older adopted children. So much depends on the type of adoption that your child is a part of: private infant adoption, foster adoption, alcohol affected, sexually abused, transracial, international from orphanage versus foster home, etc. Current brain research has shown that children who have experienced trauma, abuse, prenatal alcohol exposure, multiple moves, and other extreme stresses may have their brains “rewired” in a sense because of the release of different brain chemicals in response to these experiences. These children may require different strategies for parenting and educating, and it is the wise parent that seeks out understanding from books, classes, and counseling along with seeking strength, patience and wisdom from the Lord.
I also recommend finding a family therapist with training and experience in counseling those with the challenges adoption may bring and with the ability to recognize what are adoption issues and how they intersect with normal teen behavior.
The following is an incomplete list of recommended books, most available from Tapestry Books, which specializes in adoption related books www.tapestrybooks.com or from www.amazon.com

The Connected Child

by Karyn Purvis, Ph.D. and David Cross, Ph.D.
McGraw-Hill c. 2007 – a book for those parenting “children from hard places.”
A Bible study to go along with this book will be available soon at www.empoweredtoconnect.org as well as free videos of Dr. Purvis’s lectures.

Attaching in Adoption
—Practical Tools for Today’s Parents
by Deborah D. Gray
Perspectives Press c. 2002- matches children’s emotional and stages with parenting strategies to enhance their child’s happiness and emotional health.

Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagers

by Jodie Berndt
Zondervan c. 2007—shows you how to make the Bible your source for prayers that can powerfully influence your teen. Guides you in praying about everything from your teen’s character and safety to the plans and purposes that God has for his or her life.

Parenting the Hurt Child

by Gregory Keck, Ph.D. and Regina Kupecky, L.S. W.
Pinon Press c. 2003—from insight gathered through years of working with adopted kids who experienced early trauma, this book explains how to manage a hurting child with wisdom and resolve and how to preserve your own emotional health while doing it.
Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens
by Debbie Riley, M.S. with John Meeks, M.D.
C.A.S.E. Pubilcations c. 2006 – a book for professionals as well as parents,
Beneath the Mask provides a broad base of knowledge on the complexities of adoption, the adopted teens quest for identity, how therapy may help the adoptive family grow, many case histories, and more.

Thriving as an Adoptive Family
—Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges
David and Renee Sanford, General Editors
Focus on the Family Resource published by Tyndale House Publishers c. 2008
Filled with personal stories, adoptive parents and counselors have collaborated in writing this easy to use resource of wisdom, real-life solutions, biblical guidance, and creative ideas relating to life and parenting after adoption.

To released October 2009
Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed
Sherrie Eldridge
Random House Publishers
Offers parents much needed encouragement along with practical advice to become the best parent you can be. Sherrie shares the stories of nearly 100 families helping parents gain a deeper understanding of their adopted children.

Speaker and author, Sherrie Eldridge, an adoptee herself, is passionate about assuring those touched by adoption that they can grow because of the unique challenges adoptive family living presents. She is the author of the highly-acclaimed books Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew and Twenty Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make. Forever Fingerprints…An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children will be available June of 2007 (EMK Press).

As President of Jewel Among Jewels Adoption Network, Inc., a nonprofit adoption educational organization, she offers extensive online resources, including inspiration, encouragement, projects for parents and kids, newsletters, and workbooks. This is a Chosen recommended site for both adoptees and adoptive parents: http://sherrieeldridge.com/

Bible Studies and Workbooks

Sherrie Eldridge has graciously allowed Chosen to make her Bible studies available through our website. For other Bible studies and adoption related articles, please visit her website, http://sherrieeldridge.com/


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Stephanie Fast - http://stephaniefast.org
Stephanie Fast, an adult adoptee, first appeared on Focus on the Family in 1988, and numerous times in the years since. Her story, told on the broadcast "Healing Childhood Trauma" has been one of the most requested ones Focus on the Family has had. Stephanie will be speaking at an upcoming Chosen event Please continue to check our events page for more information.

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